Molotov Jukebox – Pineapple Girl

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A fun and colourful new promo for Molotov Jukebox new track “Pineapple Girl” from their forthcoming album Tropical Gypsy, featuring vocals talents of Natalia Tena of Game of Thrones fame. This playful performance video consists of all things tropical and kitsch with sun inducing nostalgia.

Disclaimer: No flamingo’s were harmed in the making of this video!

as featured in PromoNews:

Directed by Wolfpack

Production Company: Timberwolf
DOP: Max Brill
Art Directors: Sets Appeal
Stylist: Rickardo Maxwell
H&MUA: Charlotte Kraftman
Editor: Shane McNamara
Colourist: Brendan Buckingham @The Mill

  • Client: This Is Now Agency
  • Filed under: Music